Update: Capcom has provided Game Informer with a statement on the layoffs. "Capcom today laid off several employees from the US office as part of an overall organizational restructure of the company," a representative told us "The transition to the new generation of hardware and changing industry landscape have required us to adapt our business to best meet our new goals. We sincerely thank each individual for their contributions and wish them well."

Original Story:
In a publicly-posted Google Plus message, now former Capcom senior vice president Christian Svennson has revealed that he is no longer with the company. His note indicates that he is not the only person leaving the company today.
While Svennson indicates he was ready to leave, his message is as much about aid for others affected by the restructuring. "In the near term, here’s where I need your help," Svennson writes. "Sadly, I’m not the only one affected by the reorganization today. Over the next few days, I’ll be gathering resumes from as many as I can and will be sending them out to my contacts around the industry to see if there’s a 'love connection' to be made."
When we last reported on Capcom's financial position, the company identified Lost Planet 3 as its best hope for the coming months. The title hasn't garnered much enthusiasm, and it certainly isn't on track to sell like some of the publisher's other properties (Resident Evil and Street Fighter come to mind).
Our thoughts are with those affected by the layoffs. We've reached out to Capcom for comment.
[Source: Google Plus]
Our TakeReporting on layoffs is one of the least enjoyable parts of my job. In this case though, we have a high-ranking executive going out with dignity and compassion. Svennson's efforts on behalf of his colleagues should be respected and admired. 
My hope, which is no doubt echoed by my colleagues, is that those impacted by the job cuts are able to land on their feet quickly. As for Capcom, we are hopeful that the publisher gets its house in order, returns Resident Evil to the type of series fans fell in love with, and gives Mega Man some much needed love.