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                                                       including 93 sequen
                                                         Analysis by Tiwa

Sequence # 1: In this first image, we see the city of Los Santos, which draw the silhouettes of the buildings through the rays of the sun. The streets seem empty, indicating that the traffic density change with time. Also note, in red, balloon airship, which, recall, is controllable if the game was preordered. The clouds look very realistic, and the contrails in the sky.

Sequence # 2: Here, a helicopter takes off from the helipad of the Maze Bank, the tower will be the tallest of Los Santos. Building surfaces and heliport are extremely detailed, just as the road and more generally the ground.

Shot # 3: In this sequence, a diver, maybe Trevor is preparing to visit the wreck of a container ship. Water is extremely realistic. The diving was confirmed by Rockstar and treasures can be found in such wrecks. Of diving equipment will be available on some boats.

Shot # 4: In this image, a group of campers can be seen. The logo Lostsur we perceive one of them, which suggests that this place would be the headquarters of the gang. Perhaps the caravan deTrevor therein. This lake is probably not the Alamo Sea, further proof of the vastness of the map. Two people driving bikes through the area. Note the graphic quality of the sunset and the California flora.

Shot # 5: Here, a plane Shamal inspired the Cessna Citation X, flies to Los Santos. Realism is once again at the rendezvous. The speed of the aircraft seems to have been increased from San Andreas. The engine blast causes a deformation of the water, as can be seen in this picture, proof, once again, the extreme realism of GTA V. The afterburner was also removed from the first trailer, which further enhances the realism, these aircraft not being fitted. Note that the mini-map in the lower left is equipped with an altimeter (represented by a black line), and it is in perspective view. We also learn the name of the place: Tataviam Mountains.

Shot # 6: In this sequence, Trevor is flying a Jetmax. Here are two important things to note: first, the superb quality of the wake of the boat, and also the presence of a viaduct non-negligible size. We also note that this part of the map has not been previously disclosed. We have probably still surprises to discover ...

Shot # 7: This scene introduces us to the center of Los Santos night. Several cars can be spotted, including two unidentified vehicles in the foreground and a taxi in the background. Notice also the advertising murals Hotel Hookah (parody of Hotel Figueroa). Finally, we can see a building under construction on the left. This is the same building that was given to us to see for the first Trailer.

Shot # 8: This sequence presents the Vespucci Canals, again under a beautiful sunset. Notice the boat, sailing in the background. A jogger practice his sport. The environment seems very lively and dynamic.

Shot # 9: This image presents a view taken from a high altitude. We see the great mountain, probably Mount Chiliad, already seen on some screenshots, like this. It reveals for the first time behind: a city, served by roads and a railway. Note, in green,agricultural areas already seen on the screenshot mentioned above. The distance affichagesemble have been greatly improved since GTA IV.

Shot # 10: Here, Michael is about to enter a luxury clothing store, named dePonsonbys. This brand was hitherto unknown. Note that, unlike the sequence # 5, the map at the bottom left is not perspective, but viewed from above. Again, we can see the graphic quality of shadows.

Shot # 11: In this image, Trevor is driving his red Bodhi, already seen multiple times. It passes through a small village, never seen until then. Note that the mini-map is new perspective. It seems that this is the case when you are driving vehicles. Again, the display distances are impressive. Note that an animal is observed on the left.

Shot # 12: In this image, a homeless camp is visible, it is under a major highway. The latter had not been seen since the first trailer in 2011. It will be possible to give money to the homeless, or help.

Shot # 13: It is impossible not to think of Red Dead Redemption looking at this picture. The quality of the sunset, clouds, reflections in water, vegetation, everything is there. Three deer can be spotted (one off), they take advantage of the river water to drink ...

Shot # 14: In this image, we see a man driving a jet-ski Coast Guard. The scene takes place at the edge of Venice Beach. It was said in various previews, the waves were extremely realistic. This image shows that this is indeed the case ...

Shot # 15: In this image, two men can be seen trying to drive quads. Again, we can see the graphic quality of the mountain shadows, and flora. There are already signs of quad on the ground, maybe they come from NPCs. We observe in the background deer and hikers.

Shot # 16: Here we find, in red, two people walking. We also perceive the railway bridge, seen repeatedly. Again, the lighting and the sky seem more lifelike ...

Shot # 17: In this image, two men dressed as superheroes fight, encouraged by the crowd. The man on the left wears the costume of Commander, one of the main characters from the cartoon Republican Space Rangers (thank you to the members). This cartoon was broadcast on Weazel channel, TV channel functional and accessible hideouts in GTA IV. This suggests not only that the chain can be Weazel will return, but also that the TV channels will have a real impact on the population. Some NPCs filming the scene, which is a novelty. Note that other men dressed waiting in the background. Will it be possible to join their fight?

Shot # 18: The scene takes place in the central business district, as evidenced by the buildings, and business men dressed in suits. Again, the light from the sunset are beautiful. Note also this statue in the background. It represents a huge eagle perched on a small Earth. Would it be a caricature of the United States (whose symbol is an eagle)?

Shot # 19: Here a man, perhaps Simeon Yetarian a dealer Car Armenian àFranklin says he can not accept his requests. The garage where the scene takes place is the same quecelui seen in the trailer for Michael. Outside, you can see a Bullet GT.

Shot # 20: In this image, Franklin responds vividly "What?" ("What?") To the caller. Note that the logo of the firm Xero already known, is now on the wall.

Shot # 21: In this sequence, Franklin joins Michael, Trevor and Floyd in a building already seen in the trailer Trevor. It is the property of Floyd, near Vespucci Beach. The cleanliness of the soil is poor. We observe a machete planted on the table.

Shot # 22: We find this image Trevor and Michael are at work in the development plan their next robbery, where the goal is to sink a ship. Indeed, there is a wall that would planaccroché the Port of Los Santos. It seems he is organizing a robbery described in two phases: Phase A is to sink a ship, and phase B would escape helicopters boat / jet-ski. Again, note the condition of the apartment, with milk bottles and pizza boxes on the table. A box with the logo of Burger Shot firm already known, is present.

Shot # 23: Here, Michael, Trevor and Franklin contemplate what is probably their work. Desvoitures completely destroyed police present in the court and a helicopter burning carcass. A tow truck is also present. A police car explodes on the image, showing the realism of explosions.

Shot # 24: Here we see the same scene viewed from a different angle. One can see the downtown Delos Santos. The Griffith Observatory is shown in green. We distinguish a line of railway behind the three protagonists.

Shot # 25: In this picture, Michael is sitting on her couch with a huge bowl of chips. It is probably about to watch one of his old action movies. Note that books are present in the background of the image.

Shot # 26: In this scene, we see a family dispute. The son insults his father, who retorts. The argument is interrupted by Amanda, Michael's wife, who complains about not being able to sonyoga quietly. Notice that this man is right Amanda, it is perhaps his yoga teacher or coach tennis. It is however certain that is the lover Amanda, as evidenced by this scene Trailer of Michael.

Shot # 27: Here, Franklin walks in the neighborhoods of Los Santos torn gangs. It is perhaps this street. On the wall, a tag bearing the inscription "Welcome Back" ("Welcome back") is present. The system of tags present in GTA San Andreas, he will return? We found a building that has recently been given to us to see the right. Members of a gang discuss. One of them is equipped with a BMX. You will notice on the radar as icons "?" will be present, and that will have a Chop same as the protagonists icon.

Shot # 28: In this sequence, Franklin, edgy, pointed out to Lamar "there is nothing to seize the dead men." However, who are these men who died is unknown, and it is to grasp. An unknown car and a prostitute are present in the scene. Also notice the signs present in the background, one of them is called "City Paints".

Shot # 29: We're here in the apartment of Trevor. It tries to remove the foot of a doll ... in the toilet. It is unlikely that it works. But Trevor did not hesitate to stick his foot in the toilet to try to bring in the foot. In any case, this sequence tells us that Trevor has no limits ... and is not a light.

Shot # 30: In this image, we see a helicopter piloted by Trevor, amid the skyscrapers of Los Santos. Note, in green, the presence of the airship. We also note that ladistance display is excellent. Note that the Maze Bank is present in the center. We also note a building named Schlongberg Sachs, a financial institution already present in GTA IV.

Shot # 31: Here we see the descent of Michael rappelling from the helicopter Trevor. It probably is going to make a circle, which is the least spectacular. Note that the lifting will be present, as was the case in GTA IV. We see, on the right, the Maze Bank. Note that the yellow gauge is almost empty, which proves that the player has recently used the special ability of Michael.

Shot # 32: Michael broke the glass with his feet, and penetrated inside the neighborhoods of the IAA (like the CIA), taking a hostage. It is threatened by the staff of the IAA. The switch will intervene here, allowing Michael to get rid of this situation. The character selection wheel and lesstats Character are present in the lower right of the image.

Shot # 33: This scene is the result of the previous one. The game was switched on Franklin, which is in an adjacent building and is equipped with a sniper rifle with telescopic sight. You can also see the quality of the landscape in the background, as well as Trevor helicopter flying over the building.

Shot # 34: We have a vision of the telescope. Franklin eliminates men who threatened Michael, thus to continue his mission. Note that, in the markings on the bezel, features are present in the focus. In reality, these lines are used to change the firing angle depending on the distance to the target (in fact, the ball, subject to gravity, loses altitude and as it advances). This factor will be there to take into account in GTA V? Also note that the mini-map is present, which was not the case in previous GTA during the period.

Shot # 35: Trevor aboard the unknown helicopter already seen on old videos and images, is preparing to back Michael and his hostage on board the helicopter.

Shot # 36: Michael and his hostages are being reassembled inside the helicopter. We note off enemy helicopters that come in reinforcement and the Maze Bank to the right.

Shot # 37: Once on board the helicopter, Michael pulls an enemy helicopter with unemitrailleuse. One of the helicopters enemies on fire and falls to the ground. Are distinguished on the mini-map to a weapons store (Ammunation) icon as well as a garage (LS Customs).

Shot # 38: The helicopter is the same as the # 35 sequence. Very realistic explosions will await you. Note also store wine and spirits, it was confirmed that it will be possible to steer.

Shot # 39: Notice the impact marks on the glass of the helicopter and the broken window.

Sequence # 40: Presence of Huntley Sport and an unknown SUV.

Shot # 41: Advertising for a perfume, whose slogan is very convincing: "Smell Like A Bitch" (as one could feel **). Another ad is present, this time for the clothing brand gusset, which seems to be a parody of the famous brand Guess.

Shot # 42: Franklin leaves a pharmacy and is preparing to take medication. Notice the emblem shaped cannabis leaf so that the plates on display.

Shot # 43: A bustling business city, where everyone goes about his business. Bottom left, the mini-map that is rectangular in shape, with three indicators available at the bottom can be seen: the green indicator for health, the blue indicator for armor and yellow flag for the special ability character. Special ability, endurance, shooting, strength, speed, flight, driving and apnea: Right, the stats of the character can be seen. A little further down on the right, you can see the wheel character selection with Michael left, Franklin High, Trevor right and Multiplayer character down. See an explanatory diagram.

Shot # 44: This scene takes place in front of Michael's house. His son Jimmy is about to disembark unvélo beach while Michael himself arrives to a mountain bike. At left is an unknown sedan. The sedan is the Obey brand, which is a parody of the Audi brand.

Shot # 45: This scene seems to take place in the desert, in Blaine County. Trevor, aboard his Bodhi is in full chase. Cars and SUVs sheriff await you. Notice the star search at the top right of the screen. This is the maximum number of stars it will be possible to have in this game. The prison is also visible in the background.

Shot # 46: After the chase of the previous sequence. It stands out in this picture a police helicopter. A vehicle resembling Sandking is also visible.

Shot # 47: While Trevor is still pursued by the police, a Mesa Grande and Journeycirculent background.

Shot # 48: A wealth of unique environment. Notice the mountains, the water and the clouds over. As stated in the previews, the rural areas will be far from boring, additional missions and activities will be available, in addition to new vehicles.

Shot # 49: It will be possible to customize your vehicles in GTA V. Garages Pay 'n' Spray disappeared in favor of garages Los Santos Customs, you will find everywhere on the map. There are more than 1,000 changes to your vehicle, including cosmetic changes and performance modifications: plates, wide kits, paint, wings, wheels, exhausts, tinted windows, colored smoke tires , bull bars, grille, additional headlights, rigid body, safety cages, brakes, engine, suspension, horn, bulletproof tires, general vehicle repair and more.

Shot # 50: The Sentinel XS customized is ready to roar through the streets of Los Santos. Note the sunken Blista Compact on the right.

Shot # 51: Overview of the mountains on a plane, the 800 Cuban. The altimeter is once again visible on the mini-map. You can also see a train pass.

Shot # 52: Ability to purchase new outfits for your character in clothing stores. One of the outfits is called the Eagle 69 Jacket, indicating that Rockstar has not lost its touch of humor.

Shot # 53: Golf is one of many activities that can be practiced in GTA V. Here, Michael is in Los Santos Country Club. The golf club will probably be used as a weapon of body-to-body.

Shot # 54: Ability to do yoga and attain Nirvana under a beautiful sunset ...

Shot # 55: Michael jumps from a boat, dinghy, to go diving underwater. It was noted that some boats will contain diving equipment.

Shot # 56: It will be possible to explore the depths of the ocean and find hidden treasures. The non-player characters also seek these treasures.

Shot # 57: Trevor out of a trailer (Journey?). He is wearing a suit that could almost be described as camouflage. It has also been stated in the previews that Trevor lives in a trailer in Blaine County. You can also see the end of a Quad.

Shot # 58: We see in this picture a deer. It will be possible to hunt animals in GTA V, however it will not be possible to carve. The purple back plants seem to be the espèceLythrum Salicaria, plants found near rivers. Note that the direction and wind speed (7 MPH) are shown at the bottom right when aiming with sniper rifle, which can be very useful when hunting (Thanks to JohnMcReary).

Shot # 59: Franklin walking in the middle of a village located in the desert. A man holding a sign on which is written "This is the land of opportunity. Get out!", Which translates as "This is the land of opportunity. Exit".

Shot # 60: Obviously, the man really wants to hear his message .. The presence of a panel Los Santos Customs indicates that these garages are really everywhere! Also notice the vehicle pulling a boat trailer.

Shot # 61: The woman who is on the scene may have a relationship with Trevor. Is it her sister? His computer is the Fruit brand, Apple parody.

Shot # 62: Sequence gunfight. The cover system has been revised and improved, and will be of paramount importance in the game you can now take cover behind your own vehicle for a while, then leave your coverage for shipping directly to your vehicle. This will allow you to escape most of the enemy fire and can be very effective in certain situations. The number of remaining ammunition is displayed at the top right of the screen. Notice the broken windows of the black car (Buffalo).

Shot # 63: The change of weapon was seen. Now you can select your weapons from a "wheel", a bit like Red Dead Redemption. In total, 8 locations are available on Laroue weapon selection and you can store guns, heavy weapons, explosives and equipment such as parachute.

Shot # 64: Franklin hands in a Koch HK416 assault rifle, the Heckler &. Note also the Bluetooth headset.


Shot # 65: We observe here a white 9F led by one of the three protagonists, with an inspirational duMercedes Benz G-Class 4x4 to the left. We see on the left the Miss T, clothing store hip-hop present in GTA IV store. Given the banner of this store, it can be concluded that the road Trailer # 1 is perpendicular to the gameplay.


Shot # 66: We spend this time the gameplay itself. The driver is wanted by the police, as indicated by the four stars on the top right of the screen, which results in the blink of radar in blue and red. Police vehicles symbolized by a round on the mini-map also flash so. Is observed at the left sign Blazing Tatoo, symbolized by a tattoo of a heart on the radar. Doppler movie takes place next to it.


Shot # 67: A few meters away, a SUV Police trying to get us there. There is also an advertisement for fast food Up-n-Atom top right,in addition to the sign of Clappers restaurant.


Sequence # 68: We observes here Trevor by train to train to a Stand shooting, probably to that of Ammunation. The indication on the screen learns us that the fact to chain targets give us a bigger combo. However, if we in spleen a, the latter fall back to zero. Bottom right, one observes the number of remaining before power multiply our points targets. Our advancement and our score in the test are also displayed. Finally It is observed that this target shooting will be limited to level time.


Shot # 69: You can see here that Michael plays tennis against a woman named Jordan (wink àMichael Jordan, a famous basketball player) This mini-game will be organized into several sets of several points each. However, we can not see if the points are counted according to the rules of real tennis (0-15-30-40). However, we will be able to perform all major tennis strokes, namely Backspin, Topsin, etc. .. It is also observed that tennis is part of a complex of several fields, located in the city.


Shot # 70: One of the three protagonists is here conducting a bike race. The latter is done here in the mountains against eight other competitors, so we have to regulate our best endurance. It is observed that the information we are given directions on the screen, but also on the radar. Bike racing ahead long as we see that it already has lasted almost 10 minutes.


Shot # 71 : is observed by Franklin now glide along a mountain. It seems he made ​​a run (triathlon?) Because checkpoints are observed on radar. Note that the map is not displayed. Perhaps this phase of gameplay is the continuity of the one that was given to us to see on this screenshot.


Shot # 72: Once the parachute opened, we observe that it is multicolored, which suggests to us a catalog of parachutes may be at our disposal. This is over a city that was disclosed with a single screenshot. The latter seems to be at the top of the map, and seems to be opposed to Sandy Shores depending on the mountain than previously seen in the gameplay.


Shot # 73: Trevor, Michael and Franklin stood before the garage Covington, what appears to be their headquarters. They elaborate on how they will carry out a robbery. Michael, the brain of the team, says they will need vehicle since the robbery takes place in an industrial zone. There is also the respective vehicles each: the Wayfarer for Franklin, the Sentinel XS for Michael, and finally the Bodhi for Trevor.


Shot # 74: We are witnessing here in turning previously developed by three accomplices. It is done here by the ideas of Michael: a Trashmaster, garbage truck found in GTA IV is set up to block Securicar.


Shot # 75: Once Securicar blocked, a tow truck driven by one of the three malefactors darkens towards it. An indication on the screen telling us hit the Securicar, what is done in seconds. We observe the bottom two trailers trucks, suggesting that the building we see at the bottom will specialize in oil, which is pretty consistent since the bits for oil drilling nearby. Note that the map on the radar is much inclined.


Shot # 76: A character so far unknown speaks to Michael and Trevor. He stands before a map of Chicken Festival, a festival set up by the fast food Cluckin Bell. Listede something we observe to do: Locating in the city, test security, response time police Choice henchmen Getting military equipment. Everything seems to be thoroughly prepared. Note that the boat on the image seems to be the same as Trevor duct (Jetmax) at the beginning of gameplay. The place also seems identical.


Shot # 77: We observe here a table with information intended to rob a jewelry list. It is observed that images are missing from the table and the table gameplay screenshot, including the lack of image Burrito Bugstar. So here we have a fine example showing the choices we can make the players to perform robberies.


Shot # 78: The site seems to have been even further as a cliche when it becomes the equivalent of Google Maps is observed. It is likely that the map of GTA V is scanned in Eyefind, like the earth in Google Maps. There is also a part of the table for the approach to perform the robbery, the first being so noisy, and the second is more subtle and silent.


Shot # 79 : is observed by three people that we can choose our team to carry out the robbery. The first is called Eddie Toh and specializes in driving, the second is Gustavo Mota and specializes in fighting armed robbery, and the last is Paige Harris, a woman specializing in Hacking. We review it in the trailer for Michael. Their skills are also written on the paper. Note the inclusion of the FIB (FBI equivalent) in the header bits of paper.


Shot # 80: A harmful gas spreads here in jewelry through the ventilation conduits. Paige Harris, the hacker, has probably due be engaged for spread the gas, and therefore to perform a silent robbery. The gas makes quickly its effect, because the occupants of the bank fall gradually on the floor.


Shot # 81: Michael stands in front of the bank with his accomplices. These are used silently in the bank, with a gas mask, allowing the gas has no effect on them. They are all armed with a Norinco Type 56-2 3.


Shot # 82: Michael steals jewelry here. The message "Steals jewelry" is observed on the screen. These are symbolized by circles on the radar, which is used to specify the location of the player to steal jewelry. At the bottom right, there is a counter indicating the price of jewelry stolen. It rises very quickly, confirming that the robberies relate to very large sums.


Shot # 83: Here we see the "nag" to perform the same way turning. The same three criminals stand before the bank, ready to take action. They are this time dressed in a suit and are armed deHeckler & Koch HK416. They use a motorcycle helmet to hide their faces. Black car back is a Burrito.


Shot # 84: three criminals enter here in jewelry. These take the occupants at gunpoint, which resulted from the scare. We hear Michael say, "Do not make me ruin the good work of your cosmetic surgeons," which shows its determination to rob the bank.


Shot # 85: Trevor comes here in a tattoo studio and piercing. An NPC has a tattoo, which is a first in the GTA.


Shot # 86: We are in the menu that will allow us to choose to apply tattoos on the three protagonists. The character will stand, and an overview of each tattoo will be on his body after being selected in the catalog tattoos (menu). The position of the tattoos can not be changed unfortunately .


Shot # 87 : is observed by one of the three protagonists driving dune red F620. It runs against the direction and tries to overcome a Blue Cheetah and a car inspired by the Koenigsegg CCR. We observe that these two cars are symbolized on the radar by a blue circle. But we can not say if it is a race or a phase of gameplay where you should get these cars off the road. We can see on the right the same wind of Trailer # 1.


Shot # 88: Here we see the same "race", but from a different angle. With this new perspective, we can better see the front of the orange car, which confirms that it is inspired by the Koenigsegg CCR.


Shot # 89: We observe here website (parody of the NASDAQ), a site dedicated to the exchange. The company was already present in GTA IV, but it does not have a site, but only where certain companies unbâtiment marched on an LED screen. GTA V has set the bar allowing us this time to observe the stock exchange listing of each company in the game Note that the cursor is a hand giving us the finger.


Shot # 90: Here we see a new page that opens after clicking Ammunation listed companies. Much like real trading sites, we need to put our money in our account and then be able to buy shares. R * really has an eye for detail as everything is as sites of trading in real life (graph showing the trend of action, etc. ..).


Shot # 91: We are on the Dynasty8 site. This site will allow us to buy houses, from the Internet. We observe the option Get Directions, which suggests a redirection option on the Map Site Eyefind. The purchase can be done online, as shown in the Property Purchase option.


Shot # 92: To close this gameplay R * offers us a glimpse of the multiplayer, which promises to be rich and varied. You can see at the top right of the screen an indication of our money, which proves that the money will influence the multi. You will notice that the yellow gauge is absent in multiplayer, proof that the special skills are exclusive to solo.


Shot # 93: Finally, a fighter jet is observed in the name yet unknown around the city. You can also see racing motorcycles and cars, and core symbolized jump on the radar.

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